The Farm

The farm Moro Barel is spreading for 12 hectares into the commune of Vittorio Veneto. The most recent part is located in the town of Carpesica. The most ancient and important part is in the hamlet of Confin, where the stall, the cellar and the old farmhouse form a little village (“borghetto”) overlooking a courtyard (“cortivo”). On the hill “Tariol” stands the farm holiday Moro Barel where you can find the restaurant and the rooms.

Our productions

The favourable climate of the Vittorio Veneto’s hills, the clayey ground, the passion and the family’s care led the farm Moro Barel to diversify its production:

The vegetables garden

To obtain excellent “products at zero metres”, the vegetables garden is the object of our constant attention.

Tomatoes, pumpkins and courgettes, broccolis, cabbages and savory cabbages, peppers, carrots, potatoes and Jerusalem artichoke (topinambur), cardoons, asparagus, leeks and onions, beans, lettuce, chicory, arugola, celery, melons and watermelons are utilized in all the agritourism’s dishes.

The stall

We breed beeves following their feeding and their environmental wellness.

Also for the pigs we follow scrupulously their feeding and their environmental well – being, that are essential features to get high quality meats proposed by the farm holiday Moro Barel grilled and broiled on a spit or as sliced salami or as sausages, as the best folk venetian’s tradition wants.

Recently we have also activated the
direct sales to the public

Courtyard animals

The courtyard animals can be describe as the lively part of the farm Moro Barel.

Chicken for the eggs, “chechet” (a very small chicken), ducks, geese, wild ducks and guinea fowls can move in the nature and they also can follow a natural diet which respects the natural time of growth that allow to the holiday farm Moro Barel to get healthy and tasty meats.

The fruits

Thanks to the fruit trees, especially figs, plums and cherries, scattered on the farm Moro Barel, we get the jams that we use to make cakes and tarts or simply spread on homemade bread during the guests’ breakfast.

We have to make a special mention to apples from which we get the apple juice, grapes from which we get the grape juice 100% without alcohol, and persimmons, the more curios fruit because is proposed dehydrated and therefore more crisp, but especially more practical and purchasable by guests during the winter in vacuum – sealed packages.

…and more

The production of the farm Moro Barel also included other products such as “zimoe” (catchfly), “mushrooms“, “radicee” (dandelion), “bruscandoi” (wild asparagus) and “acacia flowers” that, being linked to spontaneous and wild productions, may vary in quantity and quality over the years.

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Info e Contatti

  Agriturism ‘Moro Barel’
Via del Colle 2, Confin di Vittorio Veneto (TV)

  +39 0438 560386

The restaurant is open every Friday evening and every Saturday evening, while on Sunday all day. On request we can organize lunches for groups of people even in non – weekend days.

The rooms are open all year round.
We are into the farm holiday centre all the weekday till 18:30, then we are available only by phone.

Monday is our day of rest but, if necessary, you can leave a message on the answering machine.